Dr David Squirrell

Advocate for the vision impaired

SANomineeSenior Australian of the Year2021

Dr David Squirrell is a tireless volunteer supporting South Australia’s blind and blind-deaf community. Since retiring as a medical consultant due to his own loss of sight and hearing, he has represented and lobbied for the vision impaired community at every level of government, with humour, empathy and understanding.

As President of the Adelaide branch of Blind Citizens Australia, he has successfully lobbied for changes that help empower the vision impaired, the blind deaf community, and people with other disabilities. These have included ensuring appropriate signage in public places, guide and service dog toilet facilities at Adelaide Airport, tactile markers on city and suburban streets, and advocacy for the blind in hospitals and medical facilities.

David is actively involved in multiple committees and boards to ensure a voice for the vision impaired, many of whom also have other complex disabilities. His advocacy helps provide greater independence for the vision impaired, enabling greater equality and inclusion in society.