James Hill

Mental health advocate

QLDNomineeLocal Hero2022

After his own experiences with mental illness, James Hill realised just how much stigma there was around asking for help. He felt a lack of education almost cost him his life.

So, after finding the courage to seek help, James has been on a journey to instigate significant change. He’s working to support others, particularly men, so they better understand mental illness and how to access support.

James started work as a volunteer speaker with Beyond Blue in 2015. To this day, he continues to volunteer time in the community, sharing his story and delivering education.

In 2017, he co-designed and implemented a full-time Mental Health Advocate position at Energy Queensland, where he’s worked as a tradesman since 2007. By using lived experience to develop a mental health strategy for the business, James is shifting cultural attitudes around mental illness.

James’s tireless advocacy shows how someone can turn a negative experience into a life-changing journey that can give hope to many.