Pamela Catcheside


SANomineeSenior Australian of the Year2021

At 58 years old, retired teacher Pamela Catcheside launched her second profession as a mycologist. Over 22 years, she has built an international reputation as a specialist in macrofungi, (larger fungi).

Less than half of Australia’s macrofungal species have been formally described. In her voluntary role as Honorary Research Associate, Pamela has added more than 4,500 specimens into the State Herbarium of South Australia and described new and threatened species.

With husband David, Pamela surveys macrofungi across the state, focusing on Deep Creek Conservation Park and Kangaroo Island. Australian and international scientists use her collections for taxonomic and evolutionary studies.

Pamela is an Adjunct Lecturer at Flinders University, is on the South Australian Women’s Honour Roll and was the 2010 Unsung Hero of South Australian Science. She volunteers her time, giving workshops, lectures, talks, writing articles and popular blogs on the importance of fungi to the biosphere.